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Antonio McCoy is a certified executive and leadership coach and is currently pursuing a doctorate degree in entrepreneurship. Antonio works with all business owners and has facilitated the beginnings of helping specialized industries become more profitable including barber and beauty salons, government agencies, and broadcasting networks.

VP of Administraton

  Chef Pam is a Certified Chef as well as a Certified Pastry Chef specializing Italian and Southern Cuisine. Chef Pam resides in Winston Salem and is the Owner/Operator of For All Occasions Catering.

Vice President of Training

  Glen Coleman is the Chief Helper of  Custom Coach and Indoor Pollution Solutions. Born a certified, card-carrying, cave-dwelling introvert, Glen learned how to strategically network to grow his Indoor Environmental Quality business. Glen has shared his extensive training and experience with thousands of people, helping them learn how to network strategically – to succeed…

Vice President of Marketing

Montinique Cager is the CEO of the Cager Group consulting firm and the owner of FAO Studio photography.  

Telissa Fair Ward

VP of Finance

  Owner/Creator at Destiny’s Wardrobe